Is Tech Making wool baller Better or Worse?

Ball Wool Winder

"wool ball machine

- Great for winding large threads or large skeins

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Just what makes the Jumbo Sphere Winder so special?

Makes a huge center-pull sphere - up to one extra pound of thread.

Great for winding big skeins or large threads.

No oiling or adjusting required thanks to a round bearing drive.

Longer counter-weight brace substantially reduces vibration.

15"" base gets rid of ""knuckle-smacking"" while winding.

Tall, soft rubber feet avoids the winder from moving as well as damaging your table.

Unique drive belt product produces less sliding while making a sphere.

Additional long table clamp secures the winder to a range of table surface areas.

Just how It Functions

The jumbo round winder produces a distinctive and also one-of-a-kind diamond-shaped formed ball as a result of its dual turning. 2 things have to happen at the very same time in order to wind a perfect ball.

1. The entire drive wheel assembly must rotate around the facility screw as the crank is turned ("" A"" arrow on left picture).

2. The wheel holding the yarn cylinder have to likewise smoothly depend the clear plastic drive cone. ("" B"" arrowhead on left photo).

As a result of this off-center turning, the big round winder have to be secured to a work surface.

It is necessary not to wind the ball as well fast. Winding also fast will certainly trigger the wheel to slip on the plastic cone and also will certainly give you an uneven round.

The extra long size table clamp allows the winder to be clamped to a standard 1 1/2 inch thick kitchen counter. For those who make use of a table that does not have a front fall piece of timber like you find on a normal dining room table, the clamp can reach even more under the table to prevent any type of wobbling or ""flapping"" of the sphere winder base.

Storage Box


is delivered in a durable box. - Save it. It's an useful bring instance and also folds up level for very easy storage.

Dimension and also Weight

Dimensions of system: 15"" L x 5"" W x 9 1/2"" H. Delivery weight 5 extra pounds.

Further Table Clamp: $28.00.

The conventional clamp that has the Ball Winder fits tables from 3/8"" to 2 1/4"" thick There is a ""Deeper Style"" table clamp readily available that will certainly fit tables from 1 1/2"" to 3 1/4"" thick. They are an additional $28.00.

The wheel holding the yarn cylinder must also smoothly rotate on the clear yarn ball animals plastic drive cone. ("" B"" arrowhead on left photo).

Your Jumbo Round Winder is shipped in a tough box. - Conserve it. It's a convenient bring instance and also folds level for easy storage.

I love it. I had a lot of balls i needed to wind so I could start knitting projects so used it as soon as i got it. I had to go on youtube to get the directions how to put it together but it was very easy to follow on youtube. First time I used it i went way to fast and i had to back up a little to unknot it (my fault) but after doing it wrong once, i made perfect balls with each one after that. My only complaint, I should have bought it years ago.

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